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If you ‘d like help with building or improving the online presence for your business, I have a wide selection of services that will help you.  After an evaluation of your site and your goals, we’ll build a package that suits your particular needs.

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Lead Generation Websites

We recommend this product  for clients who need to get more customers from the internet. We have a proven and effective layout that is engineered specifically to get you more leads for your business.  A business which is online can often double or triple their sales rate just by carefully building a list of these leads and developing a relationship with them.

We also can create a matching Facebook business page for you that can gather leads from that platform, giving your business a single, professional face to your internet prospects.

We start from scratch or mimic a site that has caught your eye recently, and match your current colors, logos, and business culture. After we design a draft of your site, we’ll have you take a look and suggest any changes you want.  Then we take it live and start getting you more business!

Keyword Research

We find the hot keywords for your local area and your industry – the keywords focused on local commercial intent. This means the keywords that are specific to a state, region, or city level that tend to be used by people who are intending to buy, not just browse.

Keyword research is the most important element when it comes to finding online business success. In order to be found online, a business must know what keywords their potential customers are using to search for the product or service the business provides.

If you are a local business who needs more customers to walk through the front door, we do local keyword research as well. These keyword searches make a powerful combination which lays the groundwork for all major traffic techniques from search engine optimization, local search, and even pay per click advertising.

Search Engine Optimization

This service is used to promote the one or more main keywords for your main domain, as well as secondary keywords if necessary. This secondary keywords are often the specialty of the business.

We promote each keyword with a variety of techniques such as do-follow backlinks from Web 2.0 properties, social bookmark submissions & tweets, and unique anchor text backlinks.

Search Engine Optimization with backlinking and social bookmarking is an important key to helping your website show up high in Google’s  natural  search results, which ultimately means you can be found on the Internet by potential customers looking for the products or services you sell.

Article Marketing

Our expert team of writers and editors write high quality 500-word articles based around the most important keywords for your business. We then submit these articles to directories on your behalf. We follow that up with our results-oriented promotional strategies which include pinging, RSS feed submission, and social bookmarking.

These submissions create backlinks for your site, and open up the possibility that your articles will be picked up by others and republished, creating even more backlinks. Further, these articles broaden your reach on the WWW and thus potentially expose your business to more prospects.

Video Marketing

Video diversifies your marketing efforts. Tests have shown that, if given the choice, people will usually watch a video rather than read the text. Our video marketing service will create animoto style marketing videos created for you, posts those videos to your YouTube account, and promote the videos through Traffic Geyser. Additionally, we can submit and promote your own videos in the same manner.

Blog Marketing

Don’t leave your website blank! When your clients go to your website, you want them to be able to read intelligent articles that show them that you are in tune with your industry. Search engines also love blogs that are updated consistently, so blogging can have a drastic effect on your search engine rankings.

Most business owners just don’t have the time, though, so let us blog for you! We will create professionally written and edited blog posts with the proper ratio of target rich keywords, post them to your blog, ping them, and submit them to social bookmarking sites and RSS feeds.

Mobile Marketing

What is the one item your customer never leaves home without? Their cell phone! What gets opened more than any type of mail? A text message! So, if you would like more business today, if you’d like your messages read using permission based-marketing, we provide a customer-friendly, full-service mobile marketing platform for your business.

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